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“My daughter has been dancing with Michi since the age of 2½ and with Leslie since the age of 10. She is now 17. I have always appreciated the way she was taught at age appropriate levels in order to avoid frustration and injury; then when old enough, being taught proper ballet technique and terminology. Though these are all important in becoming a good dancer, I feel some of the best things she has learned while being at the Dance Centre are things important in a young girls life, such as: self esteem and courage. The opportunity to perform on stage every year with The Dance Centre recitals has given her the courage and experience she needed to audition and perform in community musicals as well as being able to speak and even sing in front of audiences. She has also learned that hard work and perseverance can have great end results and that it takes everyone in the group working together and doing their best to make this happen. My daughter would say the best thing about being at The Dance Centre is the friendships she has made. Being around others who share in your love of dance can make some very special friendships. I believe The Dance Centre is where she feels the most love, support and acceptance, by peers and by teachers. My greatest joy has been watching my daughter dance. Thank you, teachers and staff at The Dance Centre!”
Posted By: Dayna

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We should consider every day lost in which we have not  danced at least once   
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