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Directions to our Studio


ZUMBA CLASSES! (Thursdays 5:15-6pm)

First class FREE! All new students get their first class for FREE!

Bring a friend, get a class 50% off! For every friend you bring to class, you get 50% off one class! If you bring three friends, you'll get 3 classes at 50% off - no limits! (Friends must be new students.)


Congratulations to all our wonderful students for another great Christmas show! Thank you to all our AWESOME performers and parents for your support of The Salvation Army Angel Tree.

Office Hours

Mon-Thurs 5-7:30pm

Sat 9:30am-12pm

Contact Michi or Leslie with your questions at
Or call
217-877-TURN (8876)

THANK YOU!!!! to all our AWESOME students and parents for another great year : ) Congratulations on a wonderful recital and we hope to see you soon!!!

Click here for pictures from our 2012 Recital by Kevin Krows

     Congratulations on being selected as Revolution Dancewear's studio of the month for December 2011!!! Click this link to see the article featuring our wonderful Christmas program

 Studio of the Month 2011




Teen Classes

Begin classes for the first time or pick up where you left off with students in your own age group. Catch up with your friends! Adults are welcome.

Ages 11 and older.


Hip-Hop/ Jazz

Instruction in contemporary hip-hop style as well as classical jazz. No experience necessary for Level 1 classes. Teacher placement for higher levels.  Ages 11 & older.

  • Teen Hip-Hop / Jazz 1: no experience

  • Teen Hip-Hop / Jazz 2: previous experience

  • Int. Teen Hip-Hop / Jazz: previous experience

  • Teen Hip-Hop / Jazz 4: teacher placement

  • Int./Adv. Teen Hip-Hop/Jazz: teacher placement

  • Adv. Teen  Hip Hop/Jazz: teacher placement

  • Adv. Hip-Hop / Jazz: teacher placement

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An expressive blend of ballet and jazz that’s sure to inspire your creativity.  No experience required for Level 1 classes. Teacher placement for higher levels.

Ages 11 and older.

        Lyrical 1: no experience

        Lyrical 2: previous experience

        Intermediate Teen Lyrical: teacher placement

        Intermediate and Advanced Lyrical: teacher placement

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Teen Ballet

Catch up with your friends fast in these energetic classes. Average advancement is 3 levels in the first year. No experience required for Level 1 classes. Teacher placement for higher levels. Age 11 and older.

        Teen Ballet 1: beginner level

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Teen Tap

        Teen Tap 1: no experience

        Teen Tap 2: previous experience

        Teen Tap 5/6: teacher placement

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